Hi! I'm your Expert Web Developer.

My name is Jethro Solomon and I am a lover of the internet and all things Drupal.

I am driven by a passion in producing websites that are not only marketing tools but instead business tools that aid in simplifying and organising your life.

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Some Background

I’ve only ever had two dream jobs. The first, at the age of nine, was to become a wildlife photographer. The second, at age twelve, was to become a programmer.

I started programming at age twelve using borrowed high school textbooks for the Pascal programming language. By age fourteen, I wanted to put my programs on the World Wide Web. So I learned to design and build websites. By age sixteen I had merged the two and created free online services, such as a banner ad designer and free 10mb hosting service.

I didn’t need money to fulfill me; I gained great joy by simply knowing that people were using my creations. My first paid job came at age 17, a full $20 USD for an entire website built in one caffeine-fuelled all-nighter. I have not looked back since. I am now a well-seasoned twenty-eight-year-old web developer with much to offer.

Brands' Projects I Have Worked On

My Personal Projects


Free Online Invoicing Software


CV Saver

Online Curriculum Vitae Creation Software


What I can do for You

I can build practically anything you need, but here are some examples:

I can provide value to your existing website, or design and create one from the bottom up. I have experience working with complex web applications and huge data sets, as well as more humble mom-and-pop website projects.

My Skills

I have a full-stack skillset, meaning I can handle the design, development and deployment of your project. While I specialize in Drupal Development, it not not my only skill by far.



JavaScript & jQuery


Linux (Ubuntu)


Adobe Illustrator

SEO & Online Marketing

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Email me: jethro.s@gmail.com